Natural Pesticide Sprays

The folks here at Ant Invasion have tried a wide variety of natural and synthetic ant control methods, including sprinkling cinnamon, laying baits, applying gels, and more, but most often we choose to go with a natural pesticide spray. We find that using a natural pesticide spray combines the ease-of-use of the commercial products with the non-toxicity of natural ant control methods.

natural pesticide spray

Making your own natural pesticide spray can save you money as well as being gentler on your health and the environement

What is a natural pesticide spray?

Natural pesticide sprays use natures’ own ingredients rather than synthetic chemicals as their active ingredients. This makes them much safer to use around children or pets. Unlike garlic powder or citrus peels, though, natural pesticide spray can be conveniently bottled and supplied with a spray nozzle for easy application.


Vinegar is an easy natural pesticide  that you can put in your own spray bottle and use liberally wherever you see ants. Applied to areas where ants have been foraging, it will disrupt their chemical trails, preventing their return. Also apply it to cracks or entrance points that ants may be using to gain access to your home. If the smell makes you feel like you’re living in a pickle factory, though, check out our next suggestion on the list.

Orange Guard

Orange Guard is a natural pesticide made of orange peel extract. Its active ingredient is d-limonene, which deters ants from any areas where it has been sprayed. The product is entirely safe for humans and animals, and can be used around food. When applied to ants, d-limonene damages ants’ respiratory system, making it an effective pesticide.

Instructions for use include spraying an area where ants have been and then wiping off the surface. As long as the chemical lingers, ants are repelled and tend to stay away. Orange Guard spray bottles also come with a stream setting, which can be used for soaking cracks or crevices where ants enter homes or offices.

Unlike some of the man-made pesticides, some users report less-permanent deterrence. However, because it is non-toxic, you can feel free to use it repeatedly without worrying about side effects; you just get a boost of citrus air-freshener aroma each time!

Homemade Ant-Away Spray

Mommypotmaus has a great recipe for Ant-Away spray that utilizes essential oils to deter ants. Spray on baseboards, in cracks, or everywhere you’ve seen ants until they are eliminated.

If you are looking for something a little stronger, check out our list of the best ant killer products available.